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Find out what kind of email address it is

Some email addresses on your mailing list can bring you business while others can bring you trouble. Identifying emails that can increase your marketing costs and lower your sender reputation is the first step towards building a great mailing list that turns out to be an invaluable marketing asset. That’s why it’s important to separate the good from the ugly!

Disposable address

A disposable email address (DEA) is a short-lived email address that is used to receive one or two emails in a short duration. After that, the email address is never used again. Emails reaching the DEA mostly auto-delete after a short time. somename[at]mailinator[dot]com is an example of DEA.

Accept-all address

Some organizations configure their email servers to accept all emails addressed to their domain even if the mailbox doesn’t exist. Therefore, such mailboxes could be full of spam mails. The result is extremely poor engagement. Expert marketers advise caution when sending mails to such addresses.

Role address

A role address is associated with a post or a role in the organization, rather than with an individual. Emails received by a role address are mostly shared among a group of people. Therefore, emails reaching this address have a high risk of being labelled spam by someone in the group. Example: sales[at]company[dot]com

Fake address

A fake or invalid email address is one that is incorrect and hence undeliverable. Such addresses enter your mailing list when someone types in an incorrect address either knowingly or due to a typo. Or the old address is no longer active and has expired. Emails sent to such addresses always result in hard bounce, hurting your sender reputation.

Let customers correct typos and enter valid email addresses. Detect and stop fake signups on the go. Add our free real-time email verification API wherever you collect emails and build a mailing list that grows your business.

Understand what email verification means

This free email verification tool shows you what’s up with the email address you wish to validate. In a fraction of a second, our proprietary email checker software will figure out whether the email is a role account, whether the domain is a catch-all, whether the address belongs to a free email host and so on.

And if you wish to keep it simple and direct, it will also tell you if the email address is valid or invalid.

Not all emails have the same potential

That’s because email addresses are of different types and the engagement for each of these types can be widely different.

For example, you’ll see some addresses like admin@, sales@, hr@ and so on in your mailing list. As you probably know, they are called role addresses. Such role addresses are typically shared by a group of people or even the entire department.

Unfortunately, when you send an email to a role address, some of the recipients may find your email irrelevant and mark your mail Spam.

Or take the case of Disposable Email Addresses (DEAs). People use such email addresses only once or twice and then never again. Any emails you send to such addresses are never opened - and your money goes down the drain.

That’s why it’s important you verify email list and remove unsafe, undeliverable, or otherwise invalid addresses from your mailing list.

A valid email address helps you reach your prospect!

Better Deliverability

Reach more inboxes !

A cleaned mailing list tremendously increases your chances of reaching your prospects and be read!

Better ROI

Earn beter results !

Make every dollar count by ensuring there are no fake, invalid addresses on your mailing list.

Want to verify more emails for free?

Our email checker ensures 99% delivery.

Reduce email bounce

Accurate email addresses ensure you get practically zero bounces.

Get better campaign insights

Better data quality gives you accurate marketing and customer insights.

Save your money

Verified mailing lists means no wasting money on undeliverable addresses.

Protect sender reputation

Cleaned email lists improve deliverability and protect your sender reputation.

Improve engagement

A verified list helps you increase email deliverability and improve engagement.

Prevent spam complaints

Scrub your list to remove role addresses and cut spam complaints to almost zero.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What do you mean by a valid email address?

A good quality email address is one that is currently active, can receive incoming emails, is used only by one individual and is not a temporary or disposable email domain. Further, for your purpose, we think a catch-all address or a role address is not a valid email address. If you’re purely a B2B organization, you’ll find a business email like david@yourbusiness much better than a free email like david@gmail.

Can I verify multiple emails?

Sure you can! Just create your free account. It takes only a few seconds and you can begin right away. Verify emails for free using bulk email verifier and validate upto 100 emails every day. If you wish to verify bigger email lists, you may choose from our flexible paid plans.

Do you actually send an email to verify the address?

No, we don’t. That approach is not advisable. Instead, our email verification system puts the email address through different tests. The validation process begins by checking the syntax of the email address and then gradually becomes increasingly sophisticated.

How is email verification carried out?

The email checker proprietary software at QuickEmailVerification is comprehensive, swift and yet highly accurate. The email verification process puts every single email address through a series of steps, each step checking a different facet of the address.

Syntax verification uses multiple IETF standards to verify the syntax. The MX records of the email address are verified to understand the hygiene of the domain. The system uses proprietary methods for advanced mail server validation for the highest accuracy. The software connects to the mail server with SMTP, simulates an actual email and checks if there is a mailbox associated with the address.

Additional tests are carried out to see if the email address is catch-all, disposable or role based. A separate evaluation is carried out to see if the email address belongs to a free email service (e.g. Gmail or Yahoo).

What kind of email addresses should I avoid sending mails to?

Disposable addresses, invalid addresses, and role addresses are some of the email addresses you shouldn’t send your marketing emails to. Some organizations may also wish to avoid sending emails to catch-all addresses. Additionally, we advise you not to use purchased mailing lists. If you are currently using our services, our report will tell you more about this matter.

If an email address is verified as ‘valid’, can my email still bounce?

Our email verifier, one of the best in the industry, has an accuracy rate of over 99%, so the chances of an email bouncing off a valid address are very low. Besides, factors like poor reputation of the sender domain/IP, misconfiguration of email sending server can also lead to emails bouncing off valid email addresses.

What should I do with the results of the verification?

Ideally, you want to unsubscribe addresses classified as not-safe-to-send or invalid. That includes some categories like role address and disposable address. If you have a strictly B2B product or service to offer, you might want to consider suppressing free email addresses (like Gmail, Yahoo and so on), since they are most likely personal addresses. If there are any email addresses whose status is Unknown, the best you can do is send a re-engagement email asking the recipients if they wish to continue being on your mailing list. You may see a smaller mailing list after all this, but rest assured, this will ultimately be a more powerful, more productive list.

What if I don’t ever verify email addresses?

Bad idea. Once your emails begin bouncing, you will see a steady decline in your deliverability. Soon, you will see a bigger proportion of your outgoing emails never reaching the inbox of your target group. Your reach will reduce considerably. You could be labelled a spammer and even be blacklisted. Your email service provider (ESP) will almost certainly suspend your account if you reach the threshold of bounces. Getting out of all this trouble is always time-consuming and expensive. Verifying your email list lets you leverage all the benefits of email validation.

Can you check an email address in real-time when a user signs up for my newsletter or updates?

Yes, definitely! Our real-time email verification API will validate every single email address that users key in on your web-forms. That way, we make sure only genuine, deliverable addresses are accepted into your database. Real-time email validation will prevent bad emails from entering your mailing list and let real users correct their typos.

Can you clean my email list directly from the marketing platform I am using?

Absolutely! We have technical integrations with ESPs that cover virtually all the popular marketing platforms. Iterable, MailChimp, VerticalResponse, ConstantContact, Drip, Act-On, InfusionSoft, BenchMark … all these and many, many more! We’ll verify your email lists directly from your favored platform. This process is simple, secure and swift - a few clicks and you’re done!

If you prefer using Zapier, we’ll be happy to serve you there too!

My mailing list is big. How can I bulk verify my entire email list?

We know mailing lists are large and they keep growing even larger! There are many ways you can use our bulk email verifier to improve your list hygiene. For example, you can simply upload the entire list from your computer. You can also import the list from your ESP to clean the list. Or you can simply use the bulk email verification API.

How do you fare compared to your competitors?

We are glad you asked us this question! Even though we have 99% accuracy, we charge you less, and that too at flexible pricing plans. Our robust technology ensures your data is fully secure and our support team is always ready, should you require assistance. For more details, you can visit this separate section where we compare different email verification service providers Or just try us out first for FREE!

What if I’m not a technical person?

No problem! Our platform does not require any technical knowledge - we have done the heavy lifting for you. Mostly there will just be clicks and drag-and-drop. And besides, we have extensive documentation that covers every single aspect of our service. If you can use a computer you are pretty much ready to use our services!

What if I need help?

You can reach us any time on . We’ll be glad to serve you! And we also encourage you to have a look at our blogposts - you’ll surely find something that will be of great help to you.

How to choose the best email checker

Your email verifier is an important partner in your email marketing campaigns. Some of the most important factors like email deliverability, sender reputation and segmentation depend on your email data quality.

To help you choose the right email verifier, we have prepared a head-to-head comparison of email verifiers. This comparison covers all important features like deliverability guarantee, tools, turnaround time, pricing and more.

More Free Tools

Here are more tools for you to use, all free! Verify email address, check DKIM records, perform a DNS lookup, convert CIDR to IP range, and a lot more!

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