SPF Wizard

SPF Wizard

This tool will help you to create an SPF record for your domain. Before starting you should identify all servers and applications that are allowed to send email From: your domain name. After answering the following questions you should copy the TXT record into your zone file.
Create SPF record for your domain name.
Does your website send email as your domain?
Authorize additional A-records
Enter the names of any other hosts that send mail for your domain
Do your incoming MX servers also send email as your domain?
Authorize additional MX-records
Which domain's MX records should be allowed to send mail for your domain name.
Allow any host with a PTR that ends in your domain name to send email as your domain?
Authorize additional PTR-records
Authorize additional PTR-records
Authorize additional IPv4 addresses
Enter the IP addresses or ranges of IP addresses using CIDR notation/IP address here
Authorize additional IPv6 addresses
Specify additional IPv6 addresses that are allowed to send emails for your domain.
Delegate to external SPF record (include)
If the mail is sent on the basis of another domain, for example, that you have sent mails via the server of your ISP and this one has published an SPF record, please specify them here.
How strict should this SPF Record Be?
Select an option on how the server should handle emails. We recommend SoftFail.

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