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Bulk Email Verifier

Never send beautiful campaigns to unverified lists - that will only lead to hard bounces. Instead, remove invalid and risky emails to improve email deliverability and campaign performance.
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Powerful email verifier to supercharge your marketing efforts

Invalid addresses and other risky addresses on your email list damage your sender reputation. Fake email addresses prevent you from reaching recipient’s inbox and can even get you blacklisted! Use our powerful email checker to improve your email list hygiene and remove undeliverable and risky email addresses. When you scrub your list, you improve your data quality and supercharge your email marketing efforts.

Choose how you wish to verify email list

Drag and Drop

Easily verify your email list with our email validation system with just a drag and drop.

Import from ESP

Seamlessly clean your email list by importing it from your Email Service Provider (ESP).

Upload from computer

Simply scrub your mailing list by uploading it from your computer into our bulk email checker.

Upload using API

Automatically validate email addresses using our API to remove bad emails from the list.

Powerful enough to be easy

Thanks to our friendly email verifier, cleaning your mailing list is one of the easiest things you’ll ever do! Point the email list on your computer and our email validator will do the rest.

  • Simple drag and drop verification
  • Easy, secure and speedy list cleaning
  • Detailed, customisable reports
  • Extremely reliable results

Flexible enough to connect

Our bulk email verifier is so flexible you can continue using your favorite Email Service Provider (ESP) and other marketing tools. Because our service integrates with nearly every major ESP, you can improve the list hygiene of your subscriber list with your ESP.

  • Seamless integration with ESPs
  • Efficient, time-saving and secure
  • In tune with ESP best practices
  • Easy removal of risky emails

Smart enough to engage

Nothing lowers your engagement more than low-quality email addresses. Hugely improve your data quality with our email verification solution and get the kind of engagement your email marketing campaigns deserve.

  • Better emails for increased engagement
  • Improved list quality for a bigger ROI
  • Result-oriented, cost-effective marketing
  • No fear of hard bounces and blacklisting