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QuickEmailVerification helps you keep your email data accurate while you are busy creating beautiful campaigns.

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Get 100 email verifications free daily. QuickEmailVerification Freemium service is best suited for small businesses and startups.
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Easy To Use

Using QuickEmailVerification is as simple as Drag & Drop. No matter how large your email list is. Cleaning email lists and acquiring good quality contacts is made easy for small businesses and large enterprises. Get your email list cleaned in just three easy steps.

Drag and drop verification

Simply drag & drop email lists in your account and start verification. You will receive an email when your email list is verified and ready to send.

Complete API automation

Just copy a few lines of code to your website or application and get the power of complete automation through our email verification API.

Seamless integrations

Integrate with all popular marketing tools and email service providers to easily import and export lists and automate your workflows.

Key Features

Multiple upload formats

While uploading email list, choose from CSV, TXT, XLS, XLSX or ODS format. Email list with other data columns is also supported.

Anti-Greylisting technology

QuickEmailVerification deploys latest anti-greylisting technology and uses ISP trusted networks to provide the most accurate result.

Super fast list cleaning

Our platform is designed to process huge email lists for enterprises. Verifying 100,000 emails with complete accuracy takes about an hour.

Quick API turnaround

Response time of our real-time email verification API is best in the industry. Email verification API can be integrated with any application.

In-depth verification report

Our email verification reports are very detailed. They come with additional advanced metrics to help you make informed decisions.

Recommended sending list

Once email list cleaning process is completed, you get the safe to send email list with good quality contacts for best deliverability.

Selectable download options

Easily segment email list and download custom reports of your choice based on email verification results and advanced metrics.

List quality overview

Once email checker completes the email list validation, you get a quick overview of your uploaded email list quality within your account.


Encrypted data storage

Email data is very sensitive private information so we use strong encryption for complete security.

Auto delete old jobs

For additional security, all uploaded lists and verification reports are automatically removed after 90 days.


Flexible Pricing

Pay as you go, bulk credits or monthly subscription.

  • Credits never expire
  • Tiered discounts
  • All cards, PayPalTM and wire transfer accepted
  • No setup fees

The more you verify, the less you pay.

How we verify email addresses

QuickEmailVerification is an online web-based email list cleaning service which allows you to verify email addresses in bulk or real-time using REST API. Our online email validation system processes thousands of email addresses every minute to detect invalid and non-working emails and provides you with complete detailed report. Our unique email verification system is composed of multiple different validations starting from syntax checking to the end users' mailbox existence checking.

Email syntax validation

QuickEmailVerification validates email address according to IETF standards, like RFC 6531, RFC 5321, RFC 1035, RFC 2822, RFC 5322 RFC 2821 and RFC 1123. QuickEmailVerification validation can support domain literals, quoted pairs, quoted strings, comments, internationalized domain names (IDN) and mailboxes.


Domain validation

QuickEmailVerification checks and validates domain name of every email address under the verification process. It marks the result appropriately when the domain is invalid or inactive.


MX record checker

QuickEmailVerification validates MX records for available mail exchange servers to check if the MX record for the domain exists. If valid MX record for the domain is found, it will be provided in the result.


Role email address detection

QuickEmailVerification detects role-based addresses. Role addresses are not associated with a person. Instead, they represent a group, department or role. There are some addresses associated with high bounce rates and spam complaints which we detect and flag in the result appropriately. Sending emails to such addresses can adversely affect the deliverability.


Disposable email detection

QuickEmailVerification detects temporarily created email addresses. There are certain services which provide temporary email addresses known as Disposable Email Address. Our system detects and flags such emails appropriately.


Free email validator

QuickEmailVerification checks for the email service provider during the test. The email address is flagged accordingly if it uses a known free email service like Gmail, AOL, Hotmail etc. This helps separate the work emails and personal emails of subscribers. Often, there is a higher open rate and engagement for subscribers using work emails instead of free email services.


Email typo correction

QuickEmailVerification checks, in real-time, if the address a user keyed in has typos. Our built-in auto correction feature suggests the correct email to end users when a domain is spelled incorrectly. This email suggestion allows users to correct the typos and prevents businesses from missing a chance of connecting with their customers.


Catch-all email checker

QuickEmailVerification performs accept-all testing for email addresses and detects and flags the domain which accepts any email (wildcard) on their domain.


Duplicate email remover

QuickEmailVerification checks if your email list contains the same email address more than once. All duplicate email addresses within your list are detected so you do not spend money on duplicate contacts while sending email campaign.


Mailbox existence checking

QuickEmailVerification performs deep level SMTP verification on each email address. Each email address will be verified for mailbox existence without sending actual emails on that address.