About Us

We prevent fake signups and help businesses reach prospects that convert.

Somewhere in 2013, we sent out a large number of emails for a marketing project. A lot of them bounced back undelivered because the email addresses weren’t valid. When we spoke to business associates and other marketers, we found invalid emails was a major issue.

We realized that if we could find a solution, we’d be helping so many people.

And QuickEmailVerification was born.

What we do:

We are an email verification company. Over 127,000 clients trust us to verify if the email addresses on their mailing lists are valid and deliverable. These clients use our results to save money, get better ROI and maintain their sender reputation.

What drives us:

We are constantly excited by the idea that our platform solves the most challenging problem in email marketing: the validity of an email address. It is satisfying to see our email checker tool complement your list building efforts.

Our Vision

To help people and organizations build a reliable marketing channel that produces results

Invalid email addresses enter your mailing list when someone enters a wrong email address in your sign-up form. If you don’t verify the address right then and alert the prospect to correct the mistake, you get an invalid email address on your mailing list.

But more importantly, you potentially lose a big client. Because, who knows, that contact could have turned into a lead and then into a satisfied customer. With our email verifier tool, you will always be able to reach prospects and convert them into happy clients. And turn your mailing lists into an extremely reliable marketing channel.

Our Mission

To provide a fast, accurate and secure platform to check the validity of email addresses

We work hard so that everyone using our platform to verify mailing lists gets better engagement and better deliverability. For nearly half a decade, we have been managing and refining the technology to verify email addresses and improve list hygiene.

Advanced email validation features, real-time verification API and strong expertise - QuickEmailVerification offers your organization everything you need to send emails that bring results, not bounces. Remember, nothing happens unless your prospect’s email address is valid and deliverable.

Our Core Values

Be transparent

We believe we are at our best when we are honest. That’s why we are fully transparent in all our dealings. And that has rewarded us by way of the trust we have earned from our clients.

Be humble

The only way to keep learning is to always remain humble, no matter what. We’re ever hungry to do better and to do more. And being humble is the only way we can keep learning.

Trust people

Anytime there’s a difference of opinion, our default status is ’Trust People’. Over time, we’ve learnt that it’s the most efficient way of sorting out things before it turns into a problem.

Build systems

We understand that working with proven systems beats everything. That’s why we always strive to see how every great idea can be converted into a great, robust process.

Be inspiring

If we do it, we do it well. So that we remain inspiring for everyone we interact with, from clients to competitors. And our passion to serve clients better makes us push harder.

Find a way

Always find a solution. Everytime we face a problem, we promise ourselves to find a solution. That keeps us competent and optimistic. And besides, we have a lot of fun that way!