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Email Verification API

Never miss the opportunity to reach your real customers. Improve and secure your email acquisition practice.
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Accept only real emails that matter to your business

Your prospects wait for you to send them your best offer. Your customers trust you to send transactional emails almost instantly once a transaction happens. Don’t let a typo or an invalid email address ruin the opportunity to engage them better. Use the email verification API at any place you collect email addresses and make sure only valid contacts enter your database. Leverage better data quality and master the complexity of email marketing.

Designed for developers. Built for businesses.

Easy integration

Collect better. Connect better. Integrate our API in webforms, marketing platforms or anywhere to collect high-quality, deliverable email addresses.

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Ready libraries

Get more. Do more. Our email verification API gives you all the options you need. Choose libraries from PHP, Node.js, Ruby, Python, and more!

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Complete automation

Automate easily. Deliver quickly. Use the API to automate email list cleaning process and spend more time getting business and serving customers.

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Real-Time email verification API

Real time email verification lets you verify email addresses as they are typed in the signup form. Our REST API instantly checks if the address is valid and helps customers correct email typos. It also prevents disposable, invalid or shared addresses from getting into your list and lowering your mailing list quality.

  • Prevent email typos
  • Suggest domain typos
  • Collect valid emails
  • Stop fake registrations
  • Maintain list hygiene
  • Integrate API anywhere
  • Deliver more emails

Batch email verification API

Easily turn the email validation process into a highly efficient automation within your platform. No matter how big your list size, our high-quality bulk email verifier will remove all hard bounces and any toxic emails from your list.

  • Automate workflows
  • Remove duplicate emails
  • Reduce email storage costs
  • Reduce email sending costs
  • Reach real prospects
  • Maintain sender reputation
  • Close more deals

Email Validation API

Just copy-paste a few lines of code to integrate email verification API within your platform.
Choose from our ready to use API libraries for quick and easy integration.

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