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16 Ways to Improve Sender Reputation for Better Email Deliverability

Poor email deliverability means all the resources you invested in your emails go down the drain. And you lose potential revenue, because your marketing emails didn’t reach the right people.  We know how frustrating it is when your emails don’t land in the inbox. Because your audience won’t see them if they aren’t in the Read More


10 Best Abandoned Cart Emails to Win Back Customers in 2024

Abandoned cart emails is a low-cost marketing strategy to recover lost sales. They are a type of sales emails that aim to bring back shoppers who had ditched their shopping cart and walked out without making a purchase. It’s easy to see that shopping cart abandonment causes some loss of revenue to businesses. But how Read More


Remove Your IP From Spamhaus Blocklist : A Complete Guide

If you’re reading this, chances are you’ve had some trouble with the Spamhaus anti-spam blocklist. Maybe you’ve already been blocklisted. Or maybe you have a feeling you’ll be blocklisted soon.  The answer to ‘how do I fix Spamhaus blocklist and get removed’ depends on what brought you to the list in the first place. (If Read More


Spamhaus: What All Bulk Email Senders Need to Know

Before we discuss what is Spamhaus and what it does, let’s talk about spam mail first. If someone asks you what’s the approximate percentage of spam mails out of the total incoming emails the US, Europe, what’d be your best guess? 40%? 50%? More? Less? In North America, Europe and Australasia, 90% of the incoming Read More


Updates to Gmail, Yahoo Sender Requirements 2024

Following their original announcements for bulk email senders, both Gmail and Yahoo have come up with some updates. These updates, made public in the last week of December, are mostly in the form of clarifications. They impose no fresh conditions, thankfully, but they do provide an insight into how these tech giants are committed to Read More


Holiday Retail Sales Stats Every Marketer Should Know in 2023

Want a peek at the top holiday retail sales statistics? Guess what, you’re not alone! As Christmas nears, it’s only natural that marketers like you double check the shopping trends data. Because that way, you can make sure you have the right holiday marketing strategy in place. The article below has collected data on US Read More


Google, Yahoo New Email Authentication Requirements from 2024

Gmail and Yahoo recently announced new requirements for bulk email senders. These requirements will make identity verification mandatory, unsubscription swifter, and spam prevention even more effective. As a result, it will improve email experience by making it more secure and relevant. Find out how it impacts you and what you need to do about these Read More


Analysis of the 7 Best Email Opening Lines We Loved

Email opening lines are the first few lines of your email, typically the first three or four sentences. They are important in deciding the success of your email campaigns. They decide if the person will continue reading your email and engage further. Sure, email subject lines matter very much. A compelling or funny subject line Read More


iOS 17 Impact on Email Marketing

Apple’s Link Tracking Protection (LTP) is part of the many recent updates related to privacy, link tracking, and private browsing. Marketers have been discussing iOS 17 changes and its implications, because it limits the extent to which you could track links. Links, emails, and ads accessed through an Apple device shall not provide you the same Read More


Email Marketing Ebooks For Your Campaign Success

Over time, email marketing has become advanced. In the over-communicated world that your target audience lives, every small detail matters. Besides, the regulators have put in place some really tight regulations on email. And finally, the competition is heating up, no matter what business you are in. Why learn email marketing from ebooks So you Read More