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5 Tips to write better emails in 2019

Writing better emails might be one of the most important new year resolutions for you professionally. As emails continue to flood our inboxes and overwhelm us, the one goal would be learning how to write better emails in 2019. No, there’s not going to be a magic pill. As Red Smith (or maybe Paul Gallico) Read More


Reach real customers with Moosend integration and reduce email bounce

QuickEmailVerification, the leading email verification service provider, and Moosend, the leading marketing automation company, have now come together for an integration of their services. Using this integration, Moosend customers can easily verify their email lists to increase email deliverability. How email verification benefits your email marketing When you send an email campaign to thousands of Read More


Beginner’s guide to starting an email newsletter

Ask any marketing expert what the most effective tool for building a brand is and their answer will be: an email newsletter. Email newsletters easily engage customers with company updates, exciting offers, new information and other insider news that consumers will find interesting. If you can being creating great newsletters, you’ll not only be able to get Read More


6 Best ideas for an awesome Black Friday email marketing campaign

As an exciting Black Friday shopping weekend approaches, consumers are ready to be the first in line to grab fantastic bargains. Business owners who launch a Black Friday email marketing campaign are in a prime position to cater to passionate spenders looking for great deals. The National Retail Federation reported that 174 million shoppers took advantage Read More


7 Best email practices to reach recipients’ inboxes

The term “email deliverability” is a number that tells you how many emails that you send out to your subscribers actually make it into their inboxes. This figure is usually expressed as a percentage. For instance, 67% deliverability means 67 out of every 100 emails you sent were delivered. An email intelligence report published in 2012 by Read More


Role addresses and how they impact email deliverability

The success of any email marketing program largely depends on its email deliverability. Why? Because how will people respond to your campaigns if they don’t receive them in the first place? Email deliverability is of critical importance because you get to ensure that you send your emails to people who signed up for them. For Read More


Top 8 email blacklists

If you are a marketer, falling into an email blacklist could be one of your worst nightmares. Being blacklisted negatively impacts your marketing efforts and can take quite some time and efforts to come out of. Many organizations, ISPs and networks maintain and share blacklists. As explained in our earlier post, different organizations may use Read More


6 Services to improve your email marketing ROI

Email can be a lucrative source of leads as long as your email funnel is operating at full efficiency. No matter how profitable your email marketing presently is, some special email services can help increase the ROI of your email campaigns. Whether you’re sending emails to highly engaged subscribers or whether you’re trying to re-engage an Read More


Email blacklist basics

As the reach of email marketing grows, marketers need to attend to a growing list of challenges. And one of them is staying on the right side of regulations and stay clear of what can be classified as malpractice. For instance, it’s important to know how to prevent your emails going into spam folder of recipients. Read More


Top 8 email testing tools

With email marketing remaining a top marketing channel, email testing tools too are gaining ground and that’s why it’s important you make a systematic comparison of email testing tools. Email marketing first requires your emails reach the inbox of the recipients. But how can know what your email looks like when it reaches the recipient? Read More