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Email campaign pre-send checklist for successful email marketing

Once you hit ‘Send ‘ it’s not possible to correct any errors in an email, so a detailed email campaign pre-send checklist is your best bet.  But to understand the importance of an email campaign checklist, let’s first look at the power of email marketing and communication. Almost four billion people in the world have internet access, Read More


What is Call To Action and how to write a great CTA

In your digital marketing campaigns, your Call To Action plays a major role, especially in conversions. It can turn visitors into prospects, prospects into qualified leads and qualified leads into customers. Writing a great Call To Action is bit like writing a great email subject line – both are short and yet are key to Read More


Verify Benchmark contact list and reach real customers

BenchmarkEmail, the leading email marketing company, and QuickEmailVerification, the reputed email verification SaaS company, came together late last month for an integration of their services. The integration will make it extremely easy for BenchmarkEmail customers to bulk validate their contact lists before sending email marketing campaigns. Email verification, also known as email address validation, is Read More


Proven strategies to send emails to old lists

Much of marketing today is in your email list. But growing your email list is not always easy, and purchased lists are always a big no-no. It takes time to grow your own email lists but it is worth it. There are many ways of growing mailing list effectively, if you have the right strategies Read More


Spam trap email addresses: Best tips on how to avoid and remove them

With the increase in the number of emails exchanged, there has also been a rise in challenges associated with it. If you don’t address the challenges, you’ll see a reduction in the deliverability and engagement of marketing emails. Reduced engagement means you have fewer prospecting opportunities and an inevitable drop in the subsequent number of Read More


Verify SendLoop email list to improve email data quality

Sendloop, the veteran email marketing company, and QuickEmailVerification, the leading email verification service provider, now offer integrated services. As a result of this integration, customers will be able to use QuickEmailVerification and easily verify and validate the Sendloop email list, in a matter of minutes! Every Email Counts: ROI of Email Marketing is staggeringly high! Read More


Top 7 transactional email service providers for 2018

To compare transactional email service of various providers or even understand what is transactional email, it’s best to begin by understanding email itself. There are an estimated 4.92 billion email accounts today. These accounts send and receive some 225 billion emails every day. That’s about 45 emails per account per day. If personal emails with funny Read More


Reach the inbox and reduce email bounce rates with SendGrid integration

The integration between the services of QuickEmailVerification, a leading provider of extremely reliable and quick email verification services, and SendGrid, a leading customer communication platform with offices in the USA and the UK, was announced last week. As a direct result of the integration, customers of SendGrid will now be able to easily verify their Read More


Verify Drip email list to get better deliverability and higher ROI

The leading marketing automation company Drip and the prominent email verification company QuickEmailVerification are now offering integrated services. As a result, customers will be able to verify their Drip Email List using QuickEmailVerification platform seamlessly and almost effortlessly. Subscribers matter. Make sure you reach them. A marketer knows only too well the efforts put in Read More


Interview with email marketing expert Ian Brodie

Email and email marketing have been around for a long time now. We even wrote a post on what is the future of email marketing like. There is absolutely no doubt that email marketing is one of the most powerful digital marketing channels today. And that’s where it starts getting tricky; there’s so much marketers need to Read More