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Email Sender Reputation definition, importance, monitoring and improving

Email marketing helps your business if you follow email marketing best practices. All email marketing campaigns, no matter what industry they represent, have one common objective: reach the recipient’s inbox. Emails, no matter how well written or how beautifully designed, carry no meaning if they can’t reach the inbox. That’s because emails that don’t reach Read More


5 Email tweaks that will help you sell more

Email is still one of the most powerful forms of marketing, bringing in the highest ROI out of any marketing activity. With stats like this backing it up, it’s difficult to ignore. But if you’re sitting there thinking back to your past campaigns that haven’t yielded the results you’d hoped for, you might be wondering Read More


14 Benefits of email verification

Email marketing is surely one of your top channels to drive traffic, improve engagement and generate business. That’s why sales and marketing professionals, in particular, are always interested in building mailing lists. Email marketing provides an almost unbelievable ROI (3400%)! No wonder you’ve pursued email marketing aggressively! And yet, some of you likely saw returns Read More


The 9 email marketing metrics & KPIs you should know

Do you look at the ROI of email marketing of other companies and wonder why your email marketing metrics aren’t showing something as impressive? Writing great subject lines, maintaining list hygiene, segmenting your lists, crafting the right email contents, timing the email right… All this, and more, goes into a successful campaign. However, there’s one Read More


10 Low-budget marketing ideas for small businesses

Small business marketing does not have to cost a fortune to be effective. You can launch a low budget marketing initiative in a number of ways. This will allow you to reach as much of your desired target audience as possible. With the right marketing plan and marketing strategy, you will experience superior results. You Read More


Email list segmentation benefits in email marketing

To understand the benefits of email list segmentation, let’s take an example. Imagine you operate a pizza-and-burger joint. One evening, twenty people walk into your joint. What are the chances all twenty of them order Garden Fresh Pizza, your joint’s most popular variety? Probably zero, right? Different people have different tastes. The same rule applies Read More


5 Tips to write better emails in 2019

Writing better emails might be one of the most important new year resolutions for you professionally. As emails continue to flood our inboxes and overwhelm us, the one goal would be learning how to write better emails in 2019. No, there’s not going to be a magic pill. As Red Smith (or maybe Paul Gallico) Read More


Reach real customers with Moosend integration and reduce email bounce

QuickEmailVerification, the leading email verification service provider, and Moosend, the leading marketing automation company, have now come together for an integration of their services. Using this integration, Moosend customers can easily verify their email lists to increase email deliverability. How email verification benefits your email marketing When you send an email campaign to thousands of Read More


Beginner’s guide to starting an email newsletter

Ask any marketing expert what the most effective tool for building a brand is and their answer will be: an email newsletter. Email newsletters easily engage customers with company updates, exciting offers, new information and other insider news that consumers will find interesting. If you can being creating great newsletters, you’ll not only be able to get Read More


6 Best ideas for an awesome Black Friday email marketing campaign

As an exciting Black Friday shopping weekend approaches, consumers are ready to be the first in line to grab fantastic bargains. Business owners who launch a Black Friday email marketing campaign are in a prime position to cater to passionate spenders looking for great deals. The National Retail Federation reported that 174 million shoppers took advantage Read More