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Omnichannel marketing guide for 2020: From idea to implementation

Omnichannel marketing is becoming a common way for various businesses to reach out to different audiences and customers. By using omnichannel communication, you can provide your customers with different options to meet their various needs. Due to this versatility, many businesses recognize the power and importance of omnichannel marketing among, the various trends in marketing Read More


Verify Iterable email lists for improved engagement and revenue

Iterable, the leading growth marketing platform and QuickEmailVerification, the major email verification and validation company, came together last week via an integration of their services. With this integration, marketers using Iterable will find it easy to clean their mailing lists. Fake, invalid or otherwise not-safe-to-send email addresses significantly lower email engagement, increase costs and damage Read More


9 Latest email marketing trends to follow in 2020

It’s time for email marketing trends that will change the way we do email marketing in 2020! While we see many changes in email marketing industry every year, not all these changes become trends. So, stop experimenting on all such changes and start focusing on utilizing these email marketing trends in 2020 to keep your Read More


5 Tips to write follow-up emails that get results

Why is it important to send follow-up emails? It’s estimated that there are roughly 245 billion emails sent and received each day. When you pair that with the fact that there are only about 4 billion email users total, it paints a pretty clear picture: we all get a ton of emails. Your email, no Read More


8 Game-changing email marketing tips for the real estate industry

Email marketing for the real estate industry needs a massive overhaul. Why is that so? As per the email marketing benchmarks by MailChimp, the real estate industry is one of the top three industries that have the highest abuse rate, 0.015%. The real estate industry has witnessed growth. By April 2019, around 673,000 houses were Read More


How to use email marketing effectively for ecommerce brands

With digital literacy being at its peak, customer expectations from eCommerce brands have taken a significant turn in the last few years.  Today, every e-retailer needs to demonstrate their bond with the customer continually. Failing to do so would make the customer forget all about you and your product.  In such a scenario, email marketing Read More


Most effective email marketing practices for lead nurturing

Marketers that use email marketing for lead nurturing are a great deal more successful in converting leads into paying customers. With nurturing, you can gradually groom and prepare prospects to view your brand positively. It helps you engage with your prospects and stay in touch meaningfully. That means when the prospect is ready to make Read More


6 Email marketing tips for non-profit organizations

If you run a non-profit organization, or your business undertakes charity activities, you can use email as a marketing tool to improve your marketing return on investment. Here are a few stats to consider: According to Ironpaper, 69 percent of non-profit professionals believe email and newsletters are some of the most effective content marketing tactics Read More


Email Sender Reputation definition, importance, monitoring and improving

Email marketing helps your business if you follow email marketing best practices. All email marketing campaigns, no matter what industry they represent, have one common objective: reach the recipient’s inbox. Emails, no matter how well written or how beautifully designed, carry no meaning if they can’t reach the inbox. That’s because emails that don’t reach Read More


5 Email tweaks that will help you sell more

Email is still one of the most powerful forms of marketing, bringing in the highest ROI out of any marketing activity. With stats like this backing it up, it’s difficult to ignore. But if you’re sitting there thinking back to your past campaigns that haven’t yielded the results you’d hoped for, you might be wondering Read More