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Email Marketing Ebooks For Your Campaign Success

Over time, email marketing has become advanced. In the over-communicated world that your target audience lives, every small detail matters.

Besides, the regulators have put in place some really tight regulations on email. And finally, the competition is heating up, no matter what business you are in.

Why learn email marketing from ebooks

So you want your emails to be perfect, because any email that’s not really great won’t get engagement. There are many email testing services that show you how your emails will render on different devices and email client.

You’ll get a very good idea on how to improve your campaign and get better results.

But that’s not enough. You need deep, expert-level insights.

So we decided to enrich the resources available to everyone and help our clients bring about a massive improvement in their email campaign ROI. We built this repository of extremely valuable ebooks for email marketing.

Each of the ebooks is unique: they bring you loads of practical, hands-on wisdom and practicable tips. From improving email list quality to removing inactive subscribers, and from sending post-purchase emails to increasing your email deliverability, you’ll find practically everything.

Here are your 9 email marketing ebooks.

Download. Implement. And succeed. 

1. Your guide to types of email addresses

Today, we learn, work, and holiday using emails. Our education is directed by the emails we receive from our schools and universities. Our careers are shaped by how we leverage emails to improve productivity or sell more. Even while choosing our holidays, we rely heavily on emails to find information and book tickets.

But as a marketer, your role is wider. You want to understand the types of email addresses. That’s because the quality of each email address type is different. The value of a free email address (e.g from Gmail) is different from the value of an email from a business domain (e.g. you[at]yourbusiness[dot]com). 

The type of address also impacts email deliverability; role addresses don’t always show results that are as good as an individual’s email.

This ebook tells you everything you need to know about different kinds of email addresses. So grab this ebook and get more value from your email list!


2. The essential checklist of email deliverability 

Picture this: You have carefully crafted your email marketing campaign. You’ve taken care of even the smallest details. You think you are all set to captivate your audience. All you’ve left to do is hit the Submit button.

But wait – how can you be sure your email will reach the inbox of your recipients? What are the chances you would be able to avoid the spam folder or the Promotions folder? Or perhaps be rejected altogether?

This ebook on email deliverability is essentially a simple checklist of the six core email deliverability factors. Even seasoned marketers may miss a few of these factors. 

For instance, do you know how you can use the Unsubscribe link to actually boost your email deliverability?

If not, this is the ebook you want to download. 

Here’s an ebook that will considerably improve your understanding of email deliverability and make sure you reach subscribers.


3. Inactive subscribers: Should you retain them?

There’s always a debate going on amid marketers: How do you handle inactive subscribers? Should you stop sending them emails? Or should you ignore their zero engagement and continue sending emails?

A wise answer lies somewhere in between. Begin with a re-engagement email. If the subscriber doesn’t respond, well, then you can ignore them. And delete them.

Experts mention five reasons why you are better off without inactive subscribers. 

Sounds counter-intuitive, right? Like, after all the efforts you’ve put into building a list, why on earth would you remove inactive subscribers? 

But there’s a lot of wisdom in working with a smaller but a more engaged set of subscribers than a larger but a poorly engaged list. For instance, you get more to study important email analytics more accurately. Your costs go down. And your email deliverability sees an uptick.

Find why dropping inactive subscribers could actually be a great idea.


4. Here are the 15 Best Email Subject Lines (that you can steal)

No email campaign is ever successful without a great subject line. In the 2 or 3 seconds that your subscribers spend reading your subject line, they decide whether to click Open or hit Delete. Hence, a great email subject line is a must if you want to achieve higher open rates and increase your email marketing ROI.

But how do you create them? And how would you know they are good? Will they charm your subscribers enough? 

The answer lies in studying the ones that have been successful. Which is why we have compiled a list of the 15 most successful email subject lines.

Along with the collection, we’ve added observations and analysis that show why these lines have been a hit with subscribers across different industries. 

Use these subject lines as inspiration. Change them as per your requirements and audience. And crush your email marketing campaign goals.


5. How an ecommerce giant aced their email campaign

Small-business owners sometimes believe big businesses don’t have problems. Their team consists of highly talented salespeople. They enjoy strong brands. Budgets are almost unlimited. So basically, they have no challenges to overcome.

However, that’s not correct at all. Large businesses have challenges of different sizes, different scales. These problems aren’t easy either.

Interestingly, these large enterprises solve such problems and challenges in novel manner. For example, this e-commerce giant in South-East Asia was battling an unusually high rate of hard bounce. 

They found a lasting and effective solution to their problem – a problem that had been plaguing them for years.

Even better, they not only eliminated hard bounce, but also discovered better opportunities because they were receiving more accurate analytics.

Read on to find out how. And then apply it to your business.

6. How to write terrific sales emails (that actually sell) – The Master Guide

Emails are your undiscovered sales heroes. You likely don’t appreciate them because you are not sure how you can use them to drive sales and generate revenue.

But now you can make emails sell more and bring more business.

Create persuasive emails and you’ll never be short of new customers.

Now on, don’t write emails that are mostly ignored. Instead, write emails that convince and hugely improve your conversion rates.

Here’s our comprehensive guide on great sales emails. Explore different use cases and understand the underlying principles. 

Go ahead and create amazing sales emails for your business and fill your order book. 


7. Better email deliverability: The Advanced Powerguide

By now, you surely know the basics of email deliverability. For instance, you know using certain words that would alert the spam-filters of the recipient’s server is a bad idea.

But there’s more.

As more marketers compete to grab the subscriber’s attention, getting past the spam-filter is gradually looking like a hurdle race you see in sports events.

But you don’t want your genuine emails to trip and fall, do you? And no one wants their emails to meet the same fate as the spam emails that promise $43 million (or whatever) left behind by someone in a remote country.

You need to follow some best practices in order to reach your subscriber’s inbox.

So we have put together in this guide the 8 most important actions you need for improved deliverability. 

This guide covers some ignored but vital tips for deliverability – for instance, the Unsubscribe link can actually help you improve deliverability.


8. Hook your buyers with amazing post-purchase emails

Probably the biggest mistake marketers commit is ending the email communication once a customer has bought something. Some of them just send a proper follow-up email and think that’s enough. They have no idea how much money they’re leaving on the table. 

Post-purchase emails are one of the most powerful tools with which to keep your buyers connected and engaged. These emails don’t have to be dull. You don’t just mention the special discount you’re offering for repeat purchase.

Your emails can be bright, inviting, and engaging, because you’re trying to build a lasting relationship with them. 

But the question is how do you do that?

This ebook is not just a guide – it provides you the entire sequence of 15 post-purchase emails that you can use. And there’s a template for each of these emails, so that you can use them right away.

Engage better with these post-purchase emails, win more repeat purchases, and drive growth like never before.

9. Successful email marketing: 14 Experts reveal secrets

At the end of the day, what really matters is whether your email campaign has been successful. But it takes a great deal of expertise and testing to finally arrive at an that turns out effective. And it’s time-taking.

A smarter option is to turn towards experts and go by their advice. 

We spoke to 14 different email marketing experts to learn their secrets. What goes behind successful email campaigns? Why do some emails kill it and others don’t? How can you make your emails stand out?

And the insights they shared are amazing!

But we wanted to make sure you get to learn these secrets too. So we compiled all their tips in an ebook. Now you’ll understand what emails are great email campaigns. You’ll know why they were successful. You’ll discover, for instance, the attributes that all the best ecommerce email campaigns share.

And you’ll be able to replicate that success.

Benefit from their expertise. Crack the growth code today.


Closing words

Email marketing, like all other disciplines, is something you learn best while doing. Experiment a little. Change a couple of variables. Work on the subject line.

If you already run successful email marketing campaigns, that’s great! You likely have lots of processes in place and your learning will be swift. 

On the other hand, if you’re only starting out with email campaigns, you’re lucky too! That’s because there’s no previous baggage, so you can experiment fearlessly! And you can make changes swiftly too. Because you don’t have a large audience that’s used to a certain design or frequency.

Absorb great ideas and put them into practice.

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