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Understanding IP and domain blacklists

Being on an IP blacklist can hurt your business. Your emails won’t reach recipients, you can’t reach new customers, your business stops growing. Which is why our free IP blacklist checker helps you find if you are on any RBLs, DNSBLs or even RHSBL.

About RBLs, DNSBLs and RHSBLs

RBL (Real-time blacklist), DNSBL (Domain name system blacklist), and RHSBL (Right-hand side blacklist) are different blacklists that maintain a database of malicious IPs and domains. These IPs and domains have been reported by users for sending spammy messages, carrying out frauds or injecting viruses.

How email services use blacklists

Nearly all email services use these blacklists to filter incoming messages. If your IP or domain name is listed on these blacklists, email services will not accept any email from your IP or domain. So basically these blacklists are blocklists.

Blacklist checker tool

Our free IP blacklist checker tool will run your IP address or domain past all the major RBLs or domain name blacklists (DNSBL). Based on that, we’ll tell you if your IP address or domain is blacklisted. Using this information, you can begin the process to get removed from those blacklists.

Why get out of IP blacklist

Stop email bounce

You will no longer be afraid of being banned because of bounced emails.

Improve results

Take corrective action as required, and make business grow.

Increase ROI

Get better ROI for campaigns by connecting better.

Manage reputation

Protect sender reputation and stay away from penalties.

Frequently Asked Questions

Get answers to the most frequently asked questions about IP blacklisting

Why do I need to know if my IP has been blacklisted?

If your mail server IP or domain is on one or more anti-spam databases, you’ll have trouble with email deliverability. That means many of the emails you send out may not be delivered to the recipients. Naturally, it hurts your business because many of your prospects and customers won’t receive your email.

How did my IP get into the blacklist?

Even if you are not a spammer, there is a chance you looked like one. One of the main reasons is a compromised server: your IP is being used to send spammy messages. The next reason: you are getting many hard bounces because you are sending emails to invalid addresses. The result: you’re on a spam blacklist database. A third reason is a misconfigured email server or missing DNS records.

How can I get out of IP blacklist?

You'll know that only once you check domain blacklist, because how you can get delisted from an RBL depends upon the processes each RBL follows. You need to approach the individual RBL, ask for their directions on how to have the IP ban removed, and follow them. It will not always be swift or easy but for the sake of your business the efforts are worth it.

How long does it take to get out of IP blacklist?

While on an average, the process can take upto eight to ten days, there is no one single answer. That’s because you may have alerted the IP filter for any number of reasons. While the basic requirements are very similar, individual RBLs may require you to meet additional conditions. This may make the process a little time-consuming.

My open rate is very poor. Does it mean my IP is blacklisted?

Email IP blacklist characterized by email bounces, not by unopened email. Low open rates may be entirely due to different reasons (e.g. poor email subject lines). Or perhaps your emails are landing in the spam folder, because your email copy has some content that was red-flagged. Only email bounces are indicative of IP blocking, which is where you should use the IP address blacklist checker.

How can I keep my IP out of blacklisting?

Make sure you follow email marketing best practices. Never send spammy messages and avoid using purchased lists (because they often contain spamtraps). Protect your IP from malware and viruses. If sharing an IP, take extra precautions. In case someone has used the IP before you, you want to check if the IP is on the blacklist.

Getting off an IP blocking service: A few housekeeping tips

  • Check all devices you use, and disinfect the ones that are compromised
  • Set all the three major authentications (SPF, DKIM, and DMARC)
  • Document best practices to follow so this isn’t repeated
  • Remove any suspicious plugins from your server
  • Update your software to the latest version
  • Log all activities on your server port 25
  • Reset passwords to a stronger level

More Free Tools

Here are more tools for you to use, all free! Verify email address, check DKIM records, perform a DNS lookup, convert CIDR to IP range, and a lot more!

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