How Email List Cleaning Works

QuickEmailVerification is an online web-based email list cleaning service which allows you to verify email addresses in bulk or real-time using REST API. Our online email validation system processes thousands of email addresses every minute to detect invalid and non-working emails and provides you with complete detailed report. Our unique email verification system is composed of multiple different validations starting from syntax checking to the end users' mailbox existence checking.

1Email address syntax checking

QuickEmailVerification validates email address according to IETF standards, like RFC 6531, RFC 5321, RFC 1035, RFC 2822, RFC 5322 RFC 2821 and RFC 1123. QuickEmailVerification validation can support domain literals, quoted pairs, quoted strings, comments, internationalized domain names (IDN) and mailboxes.

2Domain/MX records checking

QuickEmailVerification checks and validates DNS entries for every email address under the verification process. It flags the result appropriately when the domain is invalid or missing MX entries.

3Role address detection

QuickEmailVerification detects the role-based addresses. Role addresses are not associated with a person instead they represent a group, department or role. There are some addresses associated with high bounce rates and spam complaints which we detect and flag in the result appropriately. Sending emails to such addresses can adversely affect the deliverability.

4Disposable email address (DEA) detection

QuickEmailVerification detects temporary created email addresses. There are certain services which provides temporary email address known as Disposable Email Address. Our system detects and flags such emails appropriately.

5Accept all email checking

QuickEmailVerification performs accept all testing for email addresses and detects and flags the domain which accepts any email (wildcard) on their domain.

6Mailbox existence checking

QuickEmailVerification performs deep level SMTP verification on each email address. Each email address will be verified for mailbox existence without sending actual emails on that address.

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