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Verify Drip email list to get better deliverability and higher ROI

The leading marketing automation company Drip and the prominent email verification company QuickEmailVerification are now offering integrated services. As a result, customers will be able to verify their Drip Email List using QuickEmailVerification platform seamlessly and almost effortlessly.

Subscribers matter. Make sure you reach them.

A marketer knows only too well the efforts put in to get every subscriber on board. Developing the right strategy, getting the right content worthy of sharing, hitting the right engagement metrics, designing the perfect opt-in box… there’s so much marketers do and coordinate before subscribers agree to sign up.

That means every subscriber matters. And to remain within the horizon of the subscriber, your emails must reach their inbox, not the spam folder.

And yet you can’t take the deliverability of your emails for granted, even if you have an email list ready with you. That’s because if the email addresses are incorrect, outdated or otherwise not safe to send, your reputation as a marketer will be hurt. A lowered reputation, in turn, reduces the deliverability of all subsequent emails you send out.

Once you have verified your email list, you can be sure you have only valid, deliverable email addresses. With the verified email list, your marketing efforts will generate a better ROI and better engagement.

Delivering easy functionality

Email verification checks whether an email is valid or not. Removing email addresses that don’t qualify as per criteria maintains the hygiene of the email list.

The integration to do this is so easy there is no needs to bring in a computer programmer at any stage. Marketers using Drip to maintain a mailing list and send bulk emails from Drip can themselves verify their mailing lists in a matter of minutes with just a few drag-and-drop actions.

These verified mailing lists help marketers hugely improve email deliverability rates and drive down marketing costs. Verified email lists help reduce email bounces and maintain Sender Reputation.

Email marketing done using verified mailing lists produces a lot better ROI and virtually eliminates the risk of being labelled Spammer.

The integration is completely safe. Mailing lists, even the ones that run into hundreds of thousands, are cleaned efficiently with a very high degree of accuracy.

About QuickEmailVerification and Drip

Founded in 2013, Drip is a leading email marketing automation company that provides simple yet comprehensive powerful marketing solutions. Its easy-to-use platform offers wonderful flexibility in creating fully automated campaigns. It provides a lot of insights that assists decision-making. Drip’s ability to integrate with a wide range of tools makes it a marketing automation solution of choice.

QuickEmailVerification, a SaaS company, offers email validation service that is considered extremely reliable. Trusted by organizations as varied as Fortune 500 companies and bloggers, QuickEmailVerification has over 50,000 clients that have benefited from reduced costs and better ROIs by cleaning mailing lists.

Want to see how to use the simple integration? Here is the link to the document that explains you the simple drag-drop-click process of using QuickEmailVerification to clean your Drip email list.



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