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Reach the inbox and reduce email bounce rates with SendGrid integration

The integration between the services of QuickEmailVerification, a leading provider of extremely reliable and quick email verification services, and SendGrid, a leading customer communication platform with offices in the USA and the UK, was announced last week.

As a direct result of the integration, customers of SendGrid will now be able to easily verify their email lists to get a higher deliverability of their marketing emails, an increased reach to recipient inbox and reduce email bounces to practically nil.

The importance of Email Validation Service

All marketers understand how important email validation is. When marketers send out marketing communications to their subscribers, a number of emails are likely to bounce back to the sender.  This happens due to a variety of reasons – like invalid email address, for instance – but it ultimately hurts what is called Sender Reputation of the marketer.

When the number of emails bounced crosses a certain threshold (normally 1% of the total emails addresses targeted), various emails servers start treating the marketer as a Spammer. Consequently, the marketer’s reach is considerably reduced and hurts the marketing ROI.

Marketers can reach more inboxes for higher marketing ROI

Every email address in email lists should be regularly verified for their validity. The email verification process verifies the validity of every email address using a special process, without sending actual emails.

At the end of the email verification process, a report is generated which clearly separates email addresses that are valid and email addresses that are invalid or not safe-to-send. Marketers can remove the invalid or not safe-to-send addresses (a process also known as retiring email undeliverable addresses) and send out emails only to valid email addresses.

Because emails are sent to verified addresses, there are practically no bounces. That helps maintain a healthy sender reputation. Sending emails to verified addresses increases tremendously the chances of the emails landing in the inbox of the recipient; more recipients are likely to engage with the email, thereby boosting the overall marketing ROI.

Easy integration that works fast

To make sure its customers get the most reliable and the most efficient email verification service, SendGrid now offers an integration with QuickEmailVerification, the most trusted email validation service provider.

The integration provides SendGrid customers an extremely easy way to validate email lists. It is a self-service integration that needs absolutely no coding skills whatsoever on the part of the marketer. Just a few clicks is all that will be required for SendGrid customers to verify email lists no matter how large.

These verified email lists will be updated in the customer’s SendGrid account. That way, the next time the customer wants to kick off a marketing campaign, the verified email list will ensure nearly zero email bounce. Using verified mailing lists helps marketers hugely increase email deliverability rates and push down marketing expenses.

The integration delivers easy functionality, swift service and better marketing results.

About SendGrid and QuickEmailVerification

SendGrid, based in Colorado, USA, was founded in 2009. Its offices are located in both the USA and the UK. Its principal service objective is to provide extremely reliable automation services that saves time for marketers and produces results. Its cloud-based email delivery helps marketers reach out to prospects and customers, with shipping notifications, newsletters, product launches, sign-up confirmations etc.

Today SendGrid is the key to delivery of billions of emails sent out by some of the best companies in the world.

QuickEmailVerification, a SaaS company, is an email list cleaning service provider, trusted by over 50,000 clients. Its reliable services are used by organizations of all sizes, from small businesses and bloggers to e-commerce giants and Fortune 500 transnationals. Clients benefit from its swift verification services and the efficient support team.

The documentation for integrating with SendGrid shows it is as easy as can be. The document will guide you through the integration in three simple steps.


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