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QuickEmailVerification and AWeber integrated for email list verification

QuickEmailVerification, a prominent technology company facilitating better email marketing and committed to improving email deliverability, last week announced its latest integration partnership with AWeber, one of world’s leading email marketing solution provider.

How QuickEmailVerification-AWeber integration will benefit customers

Every single of the thousands of AWeber users can now easily access QuickEmailVerification platform. They can import their email list, get it cleaned, remove the invalid email addresses and export the cleaned list back to AWeber. The entire process is simple and intuitive; drag-and-drop and a few clicks is all it takes.

Such cleaned lists help customers carry out more focused email marketing  and thereby constantly make more effective the impact of their email marketing.

Email marketing campaigns that use cleaned lists not only have a better RoI and lowered costs but also have a higher deliverability rates, as compared to lists that contain invalid or expired email addresses.

The new QuickEmailVerification-AWeber integration gives a secured path to AWeber customers to verify email addresses and clean their mailing lists, however large they may be, using the QuickEmailVerification platform.

It will provide a seamless experience for customers seeking to improve engagement and conversions using powerful automation tools that are both speedy and accurate.

About QuickEmailVerification and AWeber

QuickEmailVerification, a SaaS email verification service company , has been enjoying continued patronage from small business to huge enterprises and Fortune 500 companies since its inception. AWeber, on the other hand, is one of the pioneers in email automation and email marketing companies. Its Customer Solutions Team was recently named Service Team of 2017 at the National Customer Service Conference.

QuickEmailVerification has helped over 40,000 clients. It has verified over 400 million emails till date and detected over 100 million email bounces, resulting in increased Return on Investment (RoI) and improved sender reputation for its clients.

AWeber has helped over 100,000 businesses, entrepreneurs, bloggers and not-for-profit organizations since the time it was founded in 1998.

Want to learn how you can actually use the integration to verify your email list? The documentation for AWeber integration with QuickEmailVerification explains in simple, easy steps how you can connect your AWeber account with QuickEmailVerification and verify your email list.


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