8 Golden rules to create powerful Subject Lines

In this digital age, who isn’t flooded with emails? Dozens of emails land in our inboxes every day. In fact, according to this Mcafee report, 1 out of every 2 (about 50%) Americans spend more than 40 minutes per week deleting spam. That’s about 1.5 days a year! And even when people open emails, they Read More


8 No-cost tips to grow your mailing list

Email marketing is one of the most formidable and most cost-effective marketing tool out there. The future of email and email marketing is strong and email promises to be a tool of choice for marketers. Our friend Bill White knows this. He is in-charge of sales and marketing at a mid-size widget company. So he Read More


What is the future of Email and Email Marketing?

What is the future of email is a question people sometimes ask these days. Technology is a wonderful abler. And a leveler too. While on the one hand it brings us amazing tools and gadgets, on the other it makes a lot of things obsolete. Once considered the most important tool of all sorts of Read More