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Verify SendLoop email list to improve email data quality

Sendloop, the veteran email marketing company, and QuickEmailVerification, the leading email verification service provider, now offer integrated services. As a result of this integration, customers will be able to use QuickEmailVerification and easily verify and validate the Sendloop email list, in a matter of minutes!

Every Email Counts: ROI of Email Marketing is staggeringly high!

You might wonder why email marketing matters so much and why so much fuss about verifying email addresses!

Sample this:
For every 1$ dollar spent on email marketing, it gives an average return of 44$!!! It means, ROI of email marketing is 4400%!!!

95% companies leveraging marketing automation use email marketing to accelerate their businesses.
In such a scenario, marketers cannot afford to risk the deliverability of emails. It would hurt the email marketing ROI if emails bounce or end up in spam folder. In addition, if the email addresses are incorrect or not safe-to-send, it will adversely affect the sender reputation of the marketer. It will reduce the deliverability of subsequent emails sent out.

Thus, the provision to verify your email list comes as a decisive advantage. It will help validate email addresses and enhance deliverability of emails. In turn, it leads to higher ROI which marketers would love to achieve!

How It Works

Life of a Sendloop customer is set to become infinitely easier with this integration. QuickEmailVerification helps customers thoroughly screen email addresses and allows them to validate these addresses. Once the process of email verification is over, it generates a report comprising separate lists of valid and invalid or not safe-to-send email addresses.

As the email list contains only valid email addresses now, it’s now possible to ensure that practically all the emails sent are delivered to inboxes. Email bounces become a thing of the past!

Sendloop customers will be able to use it without any technical or coding skills. With a bit of drag-and-drop, they will be able to validate large email lists in a matter of minutes. This will enable them to send bulk emails without the anxiety of email bounce or inadequate deliverability.

QuickEmailVerification, coupled with Sendloop, is a complete solution for marketers. It ensures deliverability, weeds out invalid email addresses and boosts ROI. This gives an edge to the businesses in terms of maintaining Sender Reputation and reaching out to customers with precision.

The integration is also incredibly safe to use as it is flawlessly accurate in spite of large email lists that it processes.

About Sendloop and QuickEmailVerification

Serving 37,000 customers across 163 countries, Sendloop is one of the trusted providers of email marketing services. With more than 19 years of experience in email marketing industry, Sendloop has established itself as a leading company in this domain. It stands out as a major email delivery platform and for its exceptional customer service.

QuickEmailVerification, a SaaS company, offers amazingly accurate and reliable email verification services. From small businesses to Fortune 500 companies, QuickEmailVerification serves over 50,000 clients. The incredible benefits from reduced costs and higher ROI have led to the ever growing clientele of QuickEmailVerification.

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