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Reach real customers with Moosend integration and reduce email bounce

QuickEmailVerification, the leading email verification service provider, and Moosend, the leading marketing automation company, have now come together for an integration of their services. Using this integration, Moosend customers can easily verify their email lists to increase email deliverability.

How email verification benefits your email marketing

When you send an email campaign to thousands of email addresses, imagine how much an extremely accurate list could benefit your marketing campaign. Here are two of the many reasons marketers choose email verification:

1) Enhanced reputation

If your bounce rate increases and email providers start banning you from their services, your reputation as a business will be at risk. No one wants their brand to have “spammer” associated with it. Therefore, email validation can go a long way toward maintaining your status as a reputable brand with your Email Service Provider (ESP), Internet Service Provider (ISP) and target audience.

2) Saving money and improving ROI

The biggest benefit is the amount of money you can save through reduced marketing costs. Every message that is sent represents dollars spent, so each marketing message that travels to nonexistent or inaccurate email addresses is equal to dollars gone down the drain.

With a more accurate, validated list, you’ll likely report an overall higher return on investment for your efforts. After all, your campaign statistics will no longer come back lower than expected. When the top management starts to see significant results from your email efforts, those results can translate to more dollars directed toward future email marketing campaigns.

How this integration works

The process of verifying email list gets easier for Moosend customers by using this integration provided by QuickEmailVerification, the most trusted email checker tool.

Customers can import their email list and get it cleaned by the most reliable software of QuickEmailVerification. The software checks validity of email address, starting from syntax checking to more advance checking. After successful verification they can unsubscribe invalid email addresses from the Moosend list with just few drag-and-drops and clicks.

When customers send emails to verified email addresses, They can expect to get a much higher deliverability rate, nearly zero bounces and a better campaign ROI.

About QuickEmailVerification and Moosend

QuickEmailVerification, a SaaS company, offers amazingly precise and reliable email verification services. From small businesses to Fortune 500 companies, over 60,000 clients are using QuickEmailVerification to validate email addresses and achieve their marketing goals.

Moosend is a marketing automation and email marketing tool that helps brands create and nurture client relationships. Thousands of businesses all over the world choose Moosend to engage their email subscribers and grow their businesses. Moosend provides effortless and flawless email design, user-friendly list management, state-of-the-art automation, reliable analytics and much more!

Want to know how this integration works? The document integrating with Moosend will help you understand how easily you can connect your Moosend account with QuickEmailVerification and verify your lists.


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