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Verify Iterable email lists for improved engagement and revenue

Iterable, the leading growth marketing platform and QuickEmailVerification, the major email verification and validation company, came together last week via an integration of their services. With this integration, marketers using Iterable will find it easy to clean their mailing lists.

Fake, invalid or otherwise not-safe-to-send email addresses significantly lower email engagement, increase costs and damage the sender reputation of the marketer. Email verification – the process of checking the validity and quality of an email address – helps remove such email addresses from a mailing list, and thereby leads to much better marketing results.

Poor data quality – the weak spot of email marketing

While growing the mailing list is important for marketers, it comes with an associated risk – poor quality email addresses.

People submit their email addresses online for a wide range of reasons: to access a video, browse through walled content, download an ebook, read some expert advice and even to make a purchase.

While some of these addresses are valid, others are invalid or of no potential value to the marketer. Such addresses include a shared address (AKA role-address), a catch-all address, a disposable address or an incorrect address.

Sending emails to such addresses result in hard bounces, poor engagement or spam complaints, all of which hurt the marketers ability to generate more business.

The solution: integration for email verification

Iterable users will now be able to easily maintain healthy list hygiene. Using the Iterable integration, marketers can validate their entire email lists, regardless of size.

Using the integration to clean your mailing list is a breeze – a few clicks and it’s done. At the end of the email list verification, the system will separate out the valid and safe-to-send emails from the invalid or poor quality email addresses. The accompanying report will show how many emails are valid, how many are role-based, how many are safe-to-send, how many are disposable, how many are free, how many are accept-all and so on.

Based on the report, marketers can decide which address to keep using and which ones to retire or suppress. Using valid, safe-to-send email addresses for marketing campaigns drastically improves deliverability, cuts sending costs, increases marketing ROI and reduces hard bounces to almost zero.

The best part is users don’t have to download or install any software for this: the entire process is carried out online.

Watch the following video to learn how the integration simplifies the validation process.

About Iterable and QuickEmailVerification

Iterable is the growth marketing platform that enables brands to create, execute and optimize cross-channel campaigns with unparalleled data flexibility. Leading brands, like Zillow, SeatGeek, and Box, choose Iterable to power world-class customer engagement throughout the entire lifecycle.

QuickEmailVerification is an email verification and email validation company trusted by over 90,000 customers including some of the major Fortune 50 enterprises, SMBs and startups. Its self-service email verifier platform, powered by a strong technological backbone, helps marketers achieve much better email deliverability and higher engagement.


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