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Slash Email Bounce, Improve Campaign ROI Using EasySendy Integration

The recent integration between EasySendy, the email marketing software for small businesses, and QuickEmailVerification, one of the top email verifiers, will offer businesses a comprehensive email marketing solution. The integration allows marketers to seamlessly send email campaigns after easily and accurately verifying their email lists.

About email bounces

Emails that are returned undelivered are called ‘bounced emails’. Broadly, there are two categories of bounced emails: soft bounce and hard bounce. A soft bounce is when the email couldn’t be delivered due to some temporary issue, like the recipient inbox being full or the recipient email server not working.

A hard bounce, on the other hand, is a permanent problem. When the email address is wrong, the email that is bounced back is called hard bounce. This is more serious, because spammers see a much larger proportion of hard bounce. Consequently, any sender with a significant proportion of hard bounce could be a potential spammer.

Marketers that cannot contain and minimize the proportion of their hard bounces may soon be classified as spammers. In contrast, marketers that can manage to send emails to only valid, safe-to-send email addresses will have almost zero hard bounce. As a result, they will continue enjoying better email engagement and higher ROI. 

Why email verification

In order to practically eliminate hard bounces, it is strongly recommended that marketers using EasySendy verify their email lists for validity. This can be done by using the QuickEmailVerification integration, a top rated email verification service. 

The proprietary email validation and verification software of QuickEmailVerification will run every email address through a series of tests to check whether the email address is safe to send and deliverable. Valid, invalid, temporary and other types of email addresses will be segregated. 

As a result, marketers can choose to send emails to only valid, safe-to-send addresses. Because of this, marketers will be able to protect their sender reputation, achieve better engagement, and realize a higher marketing ROI for their campaigns.

How the integration works

As an EasySendy customer, you can use the platform to draft and send emails, and observe how your emails fared. There are several use cases on how you may use the QuickEmailVerification EasySendy integration. 

One popular use case is for email campaigns. Every time you hit the Send Campaign button, a trigger will be activated. The integration will verify every single email on your campaign list and send emails to only valid, deliverable email addresses. 

This integration can also be used if you have a sign up form. Every time a subscriber signs up and submits their email address, the real-time verification system is triggered. The email address submitted will be verified in real-time and only valid email addresses will be added to your email list.

If you are simply importing an email list from elsewhere, the integration will quickly run every email address on the list through the verification tests. Valid email addresses will be updated with the status ‘Confirmed’, while invalid email addresses will be updated with the status ‘Blacklisted’.

QuickEmailVerification, coupled with EasySendy, is a comprehensive solution for email marketers. The integration eliminates practically every single invalid or not-safe-to-send email address. What’s more, disposable and group email addresses will also be separated out, in case you wish to send out re-engagement emails to role addresses.

No matter how big your email list, this integration provides a robust and extremely accurate system with which to verify email addresses. 

More about EasySendy and QuickEmailVerification

EasySendy is a marketing platform for small businesses that are looking for an efficient solution for their email marketing, drip campaigns, FB messenger, social media campaigns, and text messages. Backed by Dataaegis Software Pvt Ltd, EasySendy lets you carry out split test email deliveries, track email clicks and opens of each email campaign, and closely understand how your campaign is performing.

As a leading email verifier platform, QuickEmailVerification is the driving force behind the email marketing campaigns of the over 100,000 clients it serves. Highly secure (we are GDPR compliant too), extremely swift, and fully reliable, QuickEmailVerification is trusted by small businesses as well as Fortune Top 50 enterprises that use its email validation solution to engage better. 

This integration document explains the easy steps to utilize the integration.


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